Jan. 25th, 2007

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The bed's decidedly comfortable. It's not as good as the one on Venus but there isn't a damn bed in the whole universe that's as good as the one on Venus. It's just not possible.

That was a hell of a surprising trip. He remembers the feeling of the whole world dropping out from under his feet when Beth told him she was pregnant but now... well, shit. Now he can't imagine what it would be like without Junior. As Beth steps out of the nursery, lights in there dim, he sits up just a little and pats the bed beside him. She gets a significant little smile: he loves the hell out of her and the way he feels has moved beyond the whole every-day-a-honeymoon thing. She and the princess are literally his whole universe, his sun and moons, his stars, his planets, his galaxies. They've... kind of taken over his heart.

It's a really good thing for a solitary and lonely bounty hunter. They bring him balance. He pretty much thinks that whatever way the wind blows is okay now, because he has this to balance things out: this place, this woman, this baby, this love. It's imprinted deep on his psyche.

"She sleeping?" It sounds like it. Some nights, Junior lies in her crib talking to herself: it's really endearing most of the time. Some nights, she just needs to go to sleep and won't. For a guy who's been used to sleeping wherever and whenever, it gets a little bit maddening but she's only little and he never, ever shows his frustration to her or to Beth. Not because he wants to seem perfect, but because he swore up and down and inside out that he'd be a good father to little Beth. The polar opposite of the way his dad was to him.

"She had a big day. She was really good with Hero." So was he, for that matter, but he's a big kid and has no reason not to be. "And I didn't poison anyone with my cooking either."


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