Mar. 19th, 2007

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He's never been the kind of guy to go in for pacing. It's annoying, never mind being a waste of time. Nah, other people can pace all they want. What he does is sit on his ass and smoke. It's a much more enjoyable way of fretting. In between smokes, he picks at some of the paint splattered on his skin. Most of it's gone and what he realizes for the first time as he looks down at the tiny flecks on his flesh is that it's almost the same color blue as Beth's bathing suit.

She'll like that.

It's detail work, cutting in paint to the sides of a ceiling and without a damn roller, it's hard covering the rest. Hard on the back. But if Beth could do it back in Room 8 over the bar, he can sure as fuck do it in their rooms in the House of Arch. Especially in the nursery; the ceiling's a little lower there and he rigged a kind of little low scaffolding thing so he could get back and forth with the paint more easily. And once Junior's room was done -- at least the blue part -- and he moved her crib back in there, and the rocking chair, and the bureau... well, he started on their room: his and Beth's. It's been a fun little challenge and he knows she'll like it when she comes back.

But he's getting tired of waiting. Real tired, and tired of alone and there's no damn reason to be all alone. Beth's not. She's out there with Hero and some Russian girl named Natalya and some twins who are doctors, and the astronaut and her baby. And hell, he can be a downright sociable guy when he actually sets his mind to it, and that's why he's sitting in the living room smoking instead of pacing, fresh coffee on in the kitchen, the partially built Lego dream castle (she did say there was no such thing as thinking too big for a dream house) moved to one side.

Hopefully, Tom will be here pretty soon. He's always kind of hated sitting around waiting.


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