Mar. 25th, 2007

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That cloak Tom's loaned him: it's a hell of a thing. A hell of a powerful thing and while he's never really given a shit about power or having it, he's not always the best at turning away from temptation. He doesn't know shit about magic or how magic items work: all he knows is when Tom put that thing on, he just disappeared.

It's like he was never there.

He... kind of has to put it to the test, just to see how it works. Just to see if there's any way it doesn't work, because sitting around waiting? That really sucks. He's missed a whole fucking month of time with Beth and Beth Junior, and damn if he's going to be left behind to fend for himself again. Someone smart -- Annie, probably -- once told him that in order to change now, we have to understand the patterns of the past and make a concerted effort to break out of them. He got left behind once before, and he's not going to let it happen again. There's nothing wrong, he thinks, with a guy wanting his family enough to do whatever it takes to be with them. And hell, if Beth can visit him, why can't he just visit her? Twice as often is twice as good; Door as much as offered to open onto her world for him if he needs it.

No reason not to take her up on it. Just a couple times, just till things settle down and Beth and Junior can come back home.

Inside, there's a hell of a lot more going on but it's not the kind of shit he's going to share with anybody. It all has to do with the damn past, and all the feelings that get stirred up every time he watches Beth take Junior out that door with her and he doesn't get to go with them. Old shit comes back. Old feelings of not being worth someone's time, of not being worth loving, of not being worth sticking around for and he knows the situation's different. Beth isn't Julia. She never was. Her reasons for going are entirely different. But that old wounded part of him can't quite seem to let go enough to reconcile that.

He's not very proud of that, but he can't help it. He's tried: he just can't.

Slipping that cloak over his body, he moves unseen through the House of Arch and into the bar proper. It's crowded -- it always is -- but if he holds the fabric close around himself, he can move between people without bumping into them and the one time he does, the guy whose arm he bumps looks right through him, shrugs, and forgets about it. This thing is... almost dangerous, it works so well. But it's just a tool, just a means to an end. So it works inside: time to test it outside, see how it runs, see if there are any concerns about it then. The thing is long and he's worried about his feet being seen if he has to move in it fast, but again if he holds it around himself, it seems to work. He runs right past a couple people walking around the lake and although they hear his approaching footsteps and automatically move out of the way, they still don't seem to see him: the girl turns to the guy and asks if he heard something, but he just shrugs and pick up their conversation right where it left off.

It's pretty fucking amazing: this thing will work. If what Beth's most worried about is him being seen, she can leave that worry at home. It's a way he can be with her and not cause some big damn upset to the delicate balance of her world, or at least it should work that way.

Back home again, he tests one more theory: he takes his big travel backpack and stuffs it with pillows and puts it over his back. He takes his artillery pack and puts it around his waist, and loads up with as much crap as he can, even simulating carrying a baby. Then he tries the cloak again and when he looks in the mirror -- mirrors have never been his best friend -- he can't see a damn thing, even though when the cloak drops from around his body he's the size of two men.

Hell yeah: it's time to get a travel pack prepared.


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