Jun. 11th, 2008

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They've been at this all damn night and now that the sun's starting to rise... hell, now things are getting interesting: they've isolated the apartment building where other-Beth is supposed to be. After all this time, the anticipation is palpable in their little party. Only one thing remains to be seen: if Yorick's there too. And if he is, he's Hero's brother and Hero knows other-Beth so... it makes sense for her to go.

Not necessarily by herself, though. The first rule of scoping out a place is never fucking go in alone -- that's how he lost his eye -- but there doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary going on; Natalya finds a nice safe place in an alley where Beth and Ciba and the kids can wait for Hero to get back. For his money, he'd like one of them to be on the roof: it's a great place to see what's going on around them. If this was an ordinary day and he could get out from under the damn cloak, it'd make a hell of a lot of difference. Then he could be up there keeping an eye on things... not that he has a great safety record on rooftops.

He just won't let himself think about what happened to Julia on Annie's rooftop, but... she's not here, and Beth won't be up there, and anyhow, the Syndicate isn't after them. This isn't Mars, and the Syndicate hasn't even been launched yet. And no one's going to die on his watch. Not here and not now and during the discussion between Hero and Natalya he takes advantage, gives Beth's hand an invisible squeeze, and lets her know he'll be at the end of the alley. At least this way he can be moving, stretching, let the damn blood circulate in his veins. Besides, it's a strategic position and he... is armed.

Still, he shakes his head as Hero goes into the building by herself. She's got balls, he'll give her that much. She's almost as reckless as he is.


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