Jun. 29th, 2009

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They say the best things in life are the ones you have to wait for.

And wait for.

And wait a little more for, but hell, he doesn't mind. Some days he feels like he's been waiting his whole damn life, but so what? It's brought him here, hasn't it? All the shit: the Dragons, Julia, Vicious, finding himself at the bar, meeting Beth, following Hero out that day for what was supposed to be a quick surprise visit. Hell, he likes France but he's easy. The only place he's ever really called his home was where Beth's been. They could be anywhere, so long as they're together.

All three of them. Junior pats the little mound of earth over the seed she's just planted, then rubs her hands together briskly. She's getting big.

"Now remember where you put it. By the time we get back, it might have started growing already. You never know."

She looks up at him, her mom's fierce determination echoed all over her little face. "You never know, bounty hunter."

Shit, he loves the hell out of that little girl. "Come on." Picking her up, he holds her high over his head until she's giddy with laughter; together, they step inside. Time to go see Beth. Make sure she hasn't changed her mind.

He hasn't.


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