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"Hey, Slim. Junior."

He isn't expecting them so soon after the last visit, it's a hell of a good surprise. "Just like I promised, Beth, I haven't finished building that dream house yet. Saved the best parts for you." Moving toward her, he holds his arms out to take the baby; she flashes him a big smile -- is that a hint of tooth down there? -- and giggles. Holding her close, he smiles up at Beth. It's so damn good to see them and she looks good, like she's had a good dose of fresh air or something. Her hair, shorter like before, is even paler blonde; he leans over to kiss her.

In his arms, the baby starts to fuss. "Hey, hold that thought for just a second." Looking down at his little aijou with a smile, he brushes her hair aside... but she's bleeding. Bleeding from the mouth and the nose and the eyes, and... fuck! "What the..." And he looks up from Beth Junior's face just in time to see the same fucking thing happening to Beth and he realizes... shit, this is exactly what Beth said happened out there in her world way back when, the day all the guys died.

"No!" In his panic he thinks it has to be the vaccine they're making: it upset the balance and now that the kid Vlad can survive, all the women have to pay just like all the men paid last time. "No, Beth. No. No. No, Slim. No. You're my angel. Angels don't die." Reaching forward, he grabs her just before she collapses.

He's never sat up so damn fast his whole life, covered in sweat, heart pounding, hands shaking. Either it's because he's sleeping in their bed for the first time since she left or because something's wrong, although he's never been the least damn bit prophetic with his dreams before, but... fuck. Fuck.

Fuck. He flies out of bed, stumbles into the nursery but no one's there. No one's there, because they're out there. They're out in a plague-filled world, and there's not a damn thing he can do about it because he's here. He can't get there. He can't even sneak out to check on them, because that's not his world and the door won't open onto it for him. He's tried: it doesn't open at all. Well, fuck that, he's all done sitting around waiting. If it wasn't the middle of the damn night he'd demand that Door open up onto Beth's world for him right this fucking minute, but even he's not that... unfair or whatever; he can't do that to her, can't wake her up in the middle of the night to satisfy his panic. Not without proof something's wrong.


Well. There is something he can do: stepping into the living room, he takes out a piece of paper and pen and writes a quick note.

Tom, I might be missing some of Ingress's lessons. As soon as I get a chance, I'm going to find Beth and Junior. I'll bring your cloak back.


As soon as he heads to the portrait gallery he'll send that to Tom by house owl. First opportunity he gets for that door, he's not sitting still. He's all done being left behind. In the dark of the night, he packs his supplies.

No more waiting, no more separation: it's time. If it doesn't happen by itself, he'll fucking make it happen.


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