Oct. 10th, 2007 02:56 pm
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Yo, Tom. Yo, Door. Hey. First, I suck at writing letters, so I apologize up front. Beth, Junior, and I finally found our way back but we can't stay. So we just wanted to say thanks: for keeping our rooms, for letting me borrow this... thing of yours, Tom, because it's saved my ass the last six months. I'm sorry I haven't been around to teach Ingress, but I have a whole training thing for her and if she needs someone to explain it, she might want to talk to Elaine. She's been through all this training shit with me already. So thanks again, and see you soon... we hope. --Spike

Hey, Ingress. Hope you're still training. Sorry I haven't been here to keep teaching, but I'm giving you my favorite book on martial arts. It's called The Tao of Jeet Kune Do and it's by one of the finest people ever, a guy named Bruce Lee. Read it when you can, and think about all the stuff he says. Also, I have a whole training schedule here for you. If you need help with it, talk to Elaine, the barmaid. She knows how to do all these things too. At least she better; I taught her. You take care, and take good care of my book for me. I'll see you when we get back next time. --Spike

Elaine, you don't know how glad I am I got to see you again. I wish like hell we could stay but we can't. Not this time but maybe next time, right? Anyway, you be good and take care of Ryan and David. Thanks for all the shit you baked for us, I'm going out the door well-fed this time. You be good, and I'll catch you later. Hold down the fort for us. Love from Spike

Hey, Faye. Partner. Haven't seen you, but I see your name's still up on the tab board. By the time you get this I'll be out from underfoot again -- going back to Beth's world with her and Junior -- but it wouldn't be very nice of me to go without giving you a little bit of shit, right? I... also threw another hundred thousand up on your tab. I don't need it where I'm going anyway, and besides, there's no racetrack here for you to blow it on. Catch you later, Spike
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